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Sponeta S1-13i
Sponeta S1-13iSponeta S1-13iSponeta S1-13iSponeta S1-13i
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Sponeta S1-13i

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Indoor tennis table Sponeta S1-12i. Made in Germany.

model specification
Sponeta Hobbyline Indoors
indoor table, not weatherproof
class D (recreational sports)
european standard: EN-Norm 14468-1
Perfect for beginners.
In playback-position for sole training, too.
table top/frame profile
chipboard 19 mm
without frame profile
Automatic (type 4a)
tubular-profile 25 mm, powder-coated
Safety bar prevents from climbing between or staying between the two table tops
4 double wheels (diameter 125 mm),2 wheels are manoeuvrable
bat and ball holder on both sides
Locking system
Hook-system with simple and automatic click-mechanism in the storage and playing position of the table
playing position: l=274 cm x w=152,5 cm x h=76 cm (in accordance with international dimensions)
storage position: l=152,5 cm (with net 184 cm) x w=66,5 cm x h=187 cm
 table top quality: 1*quality 
undercarriage colour: black (RAL 9011) 
add-on: including assembly instruction with language booklet 
accessories: without
gross weight: 71 kg 
net weight: 67 kg 

Playing surface, mm: 19 mm

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