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Sponeta S7-63
Sponeta S7-63Sponeta S7-63Sponeta S7-63Sponeta S7-63
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Sponeta S7-63

Products code: s7-63
Sponeta tennis tables | 0 Comments
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model specification
Sponeta Profiline Indoors
indoor table, not weatherproof
Only suitable for dry rooms within buildings
Not  resistant to heat, coldness, incident solar radiation and humidity (relative humidity higher than 60%)
european standard: EN-Norm 14468-1
For national and international tournaments.
In playback-position for sole training, too. (is not possible with the model "SPONETA standard compact")
table top/frame profile
chipboard 25 mm
colour: blue
frame profile A-60 mm, powder-coated
compact (type 4b)
rectangle-tube-profile 40 x 40 mm, square-profile 40 x 10 / 20 x 10 mm, powder-coated
4 wheels (diameter 100 mm) with rubber tread, all wheels are manoeuvrable, 2 of them are lockable
balance of different standing positions and unevenness up to 25 mm through height adjustment on the outer legs
Locking system
handle system with metal handle underneath the tabletop unlocks both of the safety devices simultaneously
simple and automatic click-mechanism in storage and playing position of the table
playing position: l=274 cm x w=152,5 cm x h=76 cm (in accordance with international dimensions)
storage position: l=152,5 cm (with net 184 cm) x w=69,5 cm x h=155 cm
table top quality: 3***quality
frame profile colour: light grey (RAL 7035)
undercarriage colour: light grey (RAL 7035)
colour of the outer legs: grey aluminium (RAL 9007)
colour of the connection brace: grey aluminium (RAL 9007)
colour of the mounting device for wheels: grey aluminium (RAL 9007)
add-on: including assembly instruction with language booklet
accessories: without
gross weight: 121 kg
net weight: 113 kg

Playing surface, mm: 22 mm

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