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Sponeta S5-73i
Sponeta S5-73iSponeta S5-73iSponeta S5-73iSponeta S5-73i
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Sponeta S5-73i

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Indoor tennis table Sponeta S5-72i / S5-73i.

Made in Germany.


Chipboard: 22 mm

Colour: green or blue

Dimensions: 274 x 152,5 x 76 cm

Weight: 100 kg

Frame profile: 50 mm

Wheels: Yes, (Ø10,0 cm) 4 p.c.

Net set: Yes. Perfect II - EN -Stationary

Storage size (with net):: 184x69,5x155 cm

Warranty: 2 years.

Dimensions of packaging: 162x144x15,5cm

Weight of packaging: 108 kg

Bat and ball holders are fixed on the sides and serve as boxes for balls and bats.

Class - B.

Playing surface, mm: 22 mm

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