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Cornilleau 300 Crossover S Outdoo
Cornilleau 300 Crossover S OutdooCornilleau 300 Crossover S OutdooCornilleau 300 Crossover S OutdooCornilleau 300 Crossover S Outdoo
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Cornilleau 300 Crossover S Outdoo

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Cornilleau Sport 500 Outdoor is the best seller for Cornilleau and offers great value for money. Its 5-mm laminate panel gives the SPORT 300 M OUTDOOR an excellent rebound. Tennis table is patented DSI locking system with its unlocking handle ensures optimal security. And those are only a few of its selling points, along with its antiglare MATTOP coating that reflects ten times less sunlight

Playing surface: Resin laminate 5 mm Colour: Blue, Grey, Green Dimensions (cm): 274x152x76 Table weight : 61 kg Frame: 50 mm Resistance: Treatment Varnish + Aluminium/Zinc + Steal Inalterable white lines Legs: Arched - 100 x 60 mm. Adjustable feet: No Wheels: Double wheels, 32x200 mm Brakes: Yes, 2 brakes for great stability and playing confort Net type: Retractable Adjustable net: Tension-Height DSI system*: Yes. 16 automatic locking points for the highest level of security available on the market, meets EN 14468-1 standards Compact system: Yes. Compact Technology minimises storage space MATTOP**: Yes Bat protection: No Corner protection pads: No Additional features: Available WITHOUT MATTOP Ball storage: Yes Bat storage: Yes Storage (cm): L 167x lg 75 x H 155 Package dimensions (cm): 157x141x12 Package weight: 74 kg Approval: FFTT* Leisure (French Table Tennis Association) Guarantee: 3 years, ( 10 years for panel ) Manufacturer: Cornilleau, France * DSI® system It is now possible to automatically lock the table in complete safety even on irregular surfaces (lawn, sand, cobblestone, earth) thanks to the new exclusive and patented Locking System. Four safety bolts, 8 locking points in the playing position and 8 locking points in the storage position make it the most safety effective system on the market. ** MATTOP® This anti-glare coating developed by Cornilleau will allow you to play for hours without neing dazzled by the sun's rays. In fact, the MATTOP reflects 10 times fewer rays. This exclusive Cornilleau feature represents real comfort when playing.

Playing surface, mm: 5 mm

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