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Billiard Table Dynamic Triumph, matt white, Pool, 7ft.
Billiard Table Dynamic Triumph, matt white, Pool, 7ft.
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Billiard Table Dynamic Triumph, matt white, Pool, 7ft.

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This beautiful billiard table is modern, very well-priced and exactly what you need!

The Dynamic Triumph billiard table guarantees pleasure for a lifetime. It features scratch resistant rails which will look like new for ages. Attractive chrome elements provide extra protection and give it an exclusive look.

A 20 mm thick, three-part slate plate, premium rubber cushions and a-grade billiard cloth ensure optimal speed, smooth roll and excellent rebound properties of the billiard balls. You will be delighted by the professional equipment, the low-noise drop pockets and the extraordinary solid structure.

Order the Dynamic Triumph today and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

  • unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • modern design and improved technology
  • professional solid rubber cushions made of natural caoutchouc (K-55)
  • legs with single adjustable leg levelers
  • massive but complete demountable base frame
  • laminated aprons and legs
  • metallic decorations
  • ball storage box
  • featured with low noise ball pockets
  • included cloth
  • The color of the cloth can vary
  • 3-Pcs, 20 mm nature slate (140 kg)
  • playing field: 200x100 cm
  • dimensions of the table: 230x130x80 cm
  • required space for perfect play: 510x410 cm
  • packed in 3 boxes + 3-Pcs slate: 243 kg

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