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Provijus Eko 7
Provijus Eko 7Provijus Eko 7Provijus Eko 7
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Provijus Eko 7

Products code: pyr-7
Snooker and Pyramid tables | 0 Comments
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Provijus collection is made for the traditionalist at heart. Clean lines, color matched leather pockets give this table elegant feels. Economy version of this table is built for durability from superior engineered wood material with selected veneered hardwoods. All the quality and details are there: optional wide, solid wood rails; leather shield pockets, high quality cushion rubber, natural slate playing surface and your choice of wood and felt colors.


Galda izmēri:

       -ārējie: 228x128,5 cm

-spēles laukuma: 199x99,5 cm

Galda virsma: akmens 3 gab.

Galda svars:

Galda krāsa: brūns

Bortu gumija: K55

Audums: zaļš

Komplektā: -

Piezīmes: kājas 4 gab.

Ieteicamās telpas izmērs: 

Iepakojuma svars:

Size, ft.: 7

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