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Butterfly Amicus START
Butterfly Amicus STARTButterfly Amicus START
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Butterfly Amicus START

Preces kods: Amicus BASIC
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AMICUS START The new AMICUS START is a high-quality table tennis robot featuring precise and durable hardware combined with a user-friendly panel. Allowing for up to six balls per exercise, AMICUS START lets you to adjust individual placement and select either topspin, sidespin or backspin for the exercise – even float balls without spin are possible. The Random function provides a realistic playing experience sure to improve footwork and technique alike. Special features of AMICUS START:

  • Simple interface
  • Up to 6 balls per drill, all balls with same spin, speed, & trajectory
  • Ball frequency of up to 100 balls per minute
  • Left-right Placement can change for each ball in a drill.
  • Connected with help of an easy and secure thin cable.
  • Optional: Key-fob-like remote control (small, lightweight and easy to fit in pocket).


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